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Winter in Redding

February 28th, 2007 by ronlute

Mt Shasta from Mary Lake
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Winter in Redding is cool. The views of snow covered peaks is quite nice. Having grown up in So Cal there weren’t too many snow covered mountains to see. But what is viewable in Redding is quite nice. Here we have beautiful views in 3 directions. To the west is Shasta Bally. It is a somewhat small peak but it’s very close and usually gets a fair amount of snow. To the east is Lassen peak. Lassen was the last volcano in the Northern California area to erupt. In 1914 a 7 year cycle of sporadic eruptions started at Lassen. Till 1980 and the Mt St Helens eruption it had been the only volcano in the 48 states to have an eruption. Looking east at Lassen peak you can see that it looks to be on one edge of an ancient giant peak that probably erupted thousands of years ago. The real beauty though is to the north. Mount Shasta is an awesome looking mountain that is quite impressive in the winter when covered with snow. Some say that it is way overdue for a volcanic eruption. Maybe, but I’m hoping it goes a while longer without having any activity.
Yesterday it tried to snow in town. There were snow flakes in with the rain but it doesn’t snow enough to stick on the ground too often in Redding. Maybe about once every 4 to 6 years. It’s always fun when it does though.

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February 24th, 2007 by ronlute

Day 38 – Listening to some tunes

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It’s great how good things have a way of multiplying via this electronic age. After the resparking of my photographic interests I started looking for photography podcasts. The first one I found that I really enjoy listening to is Tips from the Top Floor. I’ve gotten some great ideas from Chris Marquardt’s podcast. Most of the tips and ideas will improve my technical abilities. The best tip has been the Camera Position podcast by Jeff Curto. Jeff’s podcast is about the creative side of photography. There’s a lot more info on the technical aspects of photography and while it’s certainly needed, info on the creative side is much harder to find. Part of the reason for this is probably because it’s not as easy to define and therefore not easy to convey. Jeff dones a great job of getting my brain working and hopefully helping me become more creative in my work.

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River’s Edge

February 3rd, 2007 by ronlute

River’s Edge

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One of the coolest things that I’ve discovered along with my renewed insterest in photography is the fact there are so many beautiful places close by. I just never got out and really looked at what was around before but now I am amazed at what I can find within minutes of home. The Sacramento River I am sure will be an almost unending source of photos for me. Not only are there so many accessible spots along the river but it is winter now and other seasons will follow making many spots completely new.
Redding has a fairly good system of trails along the river and I still have many miles to explore. Some I have been along before but now with an eye to what beauty might be there. The biggest hurdle I face now is having to the time to get out and explore these places.

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