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Something Different

April 4th, 2013 by ronlute
Something Different, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

And now… It was time to do something else. I took a shot of an interesting branch and ran some Color Efex filters on it. Well obviously I need some more learning on the Nik software but I will get there. I will also get out with the camera in a day or two (depending on tomorrow’s rain). It’s been almost 2 weeks after all. This image has the foliage and midnight filters applied.

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Old Fella

April 19th, 2011 by ronlute

Old Fella, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

We found these wonderful old olive trees in Gerber. Grafted from 100 year old trees they are like bonsai on steroids. Absolutely beautiful.

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365/118 – Garden Redo

June 22nd, 2010 by ronlute

365/118 – Garden Redo, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

The garden looks way better than this photo attempts to show. Joey has been hard at work the past 3 or 4 weeks and here by the pool she’s put bricks and stones around the garden area and made planters with old drawers and an old wicker waste basket. It all looks way cool

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365/113 – Two out of Three

June 6th, 2010 by ronlute

365/113 – Two out of Three, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

Some nice new flowers and a bit of Topaz Adjust post.

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365/108 – Time to Weed

May 14th, 2010 by ronlute

365/108 – Time to Weed, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

Yes. It is that time of year when the weeds need whacking and defensible space is required. Soon it will change from 70s and 80s to 90s and 100s. And then all the cool greens will turn to brown. This year with the drought cycle being broken the grasses and weeds are especially tall and it wouldn’t surprise me if they have to be whacked twice. For now though it all looks pretty cool.

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365/93 – Cactus Garden

April 22nd, 2010 by ronlute

365/93 – Cactus Garden, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

Today I am starting to realize a few things. Number 1 – I think I like using lightroom. I don’t have it all down yet but I am seeing the potential. Number 2 – This new little Rebel I got has got some mad skillz and I starting to love this camera. So many goodies grabbed . from the 7D. 3rd thing is I will be doing some great stuff very soon. Just need one more little invasive ingredient and of course that is time. Getting a bit tomorrow. Should be great.

I do see I’m this one a bit dark. Should fix tomorrow but no time tonight.

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365/93 – Flower Color

April 21st, 2010 by ronlute

365/93 – Flower Color, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

Playing around a bit more the LR beta and working on figuring out the develop module stuff. Made a virtual copy and did a black & white treatment also.

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365/86 – Rosebud

April 13th, 2010 by ronlute

365/86 – Rosebud, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

I put the fifty on this evening and went to my Dad’s. The flowers are starting to bloom but the rain this week slowed the process a bit. This is one of the early rosebud and in a week or two there will be plenty. I played around a bit (or a lot) with Topaz Adjust for this look.

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365/84 – Dogwood

April 10th, 2010 by ronlute

365/84 – Dogwood, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

It’s spring time and the trees are blooming.

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365/57 – Red Leaf

February 28th, 2010 by ronlute

365/57 – Red Leaf, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

Here is a little plant I found today. I think it could be poison oak. I am working on a macro this week for the print competition.

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