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365/36 – Red Pepper

February 6th, 2010 by ronlute

365/36 – Red Pepper, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

Got the ole $10 DIY Macro Studio out tonight and fired the flashes on a red pepper. Somehow I’m just not getting the kind of pop I want to see. Not sure what I am or am not doing but I will just have to work on it.
The lighting on tonight’s shot was a Radiopopper fired Canon 430EX II at 1/32 and a Vivitar 285HV with the optical slave at 1/16. Fired on each side of the Strobist $10 DIY Macro Studio.

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365/35 – 13th Release

February 5th, 2010 by ronlute

365/35 – 13th Release, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

Received 6 bottles of this fine beer the other day. Found I had a photo from last year of the 12th release. I haven’t tasted the 13th yet but I know it is good. Sierra Nevada beer always is.
As can be seen this is lit with my shoot through umbrella. Guess since tomorrow is Saturday I don’t have any excuse not to be a little more creative with my lighting. Of course if the weather is good I will try to get outdoors.

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365/12 – Salad

January 12th, 2010 by ronlute

365/12 – Salad, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

More with the $10 Macro Studio. Obviously I won’t be making a living shooting food anytime soon. I have a ways to go before I start getting that Strobist pop with my images. Anyways another image using the box with tracing paper sides and a strobe on each side. Now that I think about it it seems that the word on food is back-lite. I will have to try that next time.

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