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365/64 – Black and White with Snoot

March 9th, 2010 by ronlute

365/64 – Black and White with Snoot, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

First of all I am going back in time with the numbering here as I have some how gotten off track. Since most of these go to my blog it seems to be a bit messy changing the name later so now I am back to the right number of shots, 64.
After listening to an all about flash podcast by lensflare35 and the Digital Experience group I wanted to try my honl snoot for the back lighting. I guess it turned out OK (but not great).
So here is the lighting:
Canon 430EX II high camera right fired @ 1/8 power through the shoot-thru umbrella with the RadioPopper JrX.
Vivitar @ 1/4 power fired with the Sonia optical slave through a Honl snoot. Post processing is with Silver Efex Pro.

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365/27 – Yoshis

January 28th, 2010 by ronlute

365/27 – Yoshis, originally uploaded by ronWLS.

Yeah, so I missed my first day. There will be days like that. Low lighting = not so great. So yeah about the low lighting. It was a quick portrait before I had to go somewhere tonight. I thought I would try the main light low. On the way home I am listening to TWIP and there are talking lighting. LIght high for the best look. I see what they mean.
(Note to self: Light high dude)

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February 24th, 2007 by ronlute

Day 38 – Listening to some tunes

Originally uploaded by ronWLS.

It’s great how good things have a way of multiplying via this electronic age. After the resparking of my photographic interests I started looking for photography podcasts. The first one I found that I really enjoy listening to is Tips from the Top Floor. I’ve gotten some great ideas from Chris Marquardt’s podcast. Most of the tips and ideas will improve my technical abilities. The best tip has been the Camera Position podcast by Jeff Curto. Jeff’s podcast is about the creative side of photography. There’s a lot more info on the technical aspects of photography and while it’s certainly needed, info on the creative side is much harder to find. Part of the reason for this is probably because it’s not as easy to define and therefore not easy to convey. Jeff dones a great job of getting my brain working and hopefully helping me become more creative in my work.

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